Why Work With RISE Music Services

  • Have you just invested a lot of time and money into producing tracks that sound great and now are wondering how to market them?
  • Are you graduating from college with a music degree and need to design a strategy to be successful in the new (free) music world?
  • Do you need more gigs?
  • Is attendance declining at your performances?
  • Are you frustrated with a lack of results from dozens of "random acts of improvement?"
RISE Music Services works with every musician to achieve their goals, from supporting a release, to building direct-to-fan relationships, to getting more gigs, to getting signed by a label. RISE will create a customized, fully integrated plan that addresses the major trends while leveraging the unique strengths of each musician.


Your website is a window into who you are as a musician. It should be attractive to your fans and should convince venue owners to hire you!

Pages on your website could include:

- Home. Your home page is the introduction to your website, and the first thing a fan, venue owner, or press will see. 

- Bio/About. Followers who love your music will want to know your story. 

- News. Share good news with your fans, especially anything in the press. This may include articles or reviews that advertise your music all compiled into an easily accessible webpage.

- Calendar/Shows. Nothing builds a fan base like playing out.  Let your fans know where and when you will be playing live! 

- Music. This page is why you’re here and the main way to build relationships with your fans. This can include your currently released music, B-sides, specials from the archives, and more.  Of course, all will easy links to download/purchase/stream tracks. It will also include any announcements of albums or EPs that are in the works.

- Contact. This page is crucial to nurturing your direct-to-fan relationships. Give your fans easy access to send you: a message- whether it’s a question on your upcoming album, an inquiry on a show date, or comment on your music, are essential to building an engaged fan base. 


Musicians have to use every way to build careers.  Creative merchandise is a great way to for musicians to generate sales that used to come from the music.  

RISE will work with you to determine the best mix of products and experiences for your fans.  We have relationships with artists, logo designers, and merchandise producers.  We can help determine the offerings, design them, and even create financial models so you know how many items you should order!

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

We will build an EPK for you to professionally reach out to the taste-makers and cool people of the world.

The EPK will include:

- Press Release. We will have our best writers create a sample release for reporters and other press to include in their article. The release will best capture who you are as a musician and your artwork.

- Photos. Images are everything.  We’ll compile your best artist photography, either from photo shoots or live shows, to include in your press kit. Often, press will include photos to give an attractive visual.  

- News. Any already-existing articles and reviews will help press create their own, as well as giving you some more credibility.

- Gigs. We will include a calendar of your upcoming show dates and locations for the press to include in their work.

- Contact. Give the press and people running gigs the chance to contact you if they have any inquiries, as well as easy links to any other social media.


The most powerful way to create fans and followers is to connect with them through your live show. We will create a list of venues in your area that are most relevant for your music.  We will consider your sound, the frequent performers of each venue, as well as the demographics of those who attend. The list of venues will also include the best contacts at the venue to reach out to, either from RISE’s connections or through other knowledge.

RISE will also coach you on your performance, to make sure that you are reflecting your vision and image in the best possible ways.

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